LAMP Pictures

Web interface (to "check out" TV channels, select songs and CDs, and control playback):

TV interface:

LAMP hardware:

Donna Coveney / MIT

Winstein and Mandel with the hardware behind LAMP. In the foreground, a rackmount PC from Net Express with 16 sound outputs. In the background, two Delta 1010 sound breakout boxes, 16 Blonder Tongue AMCM-806 television modulators and a Blonder Tongue OC-16 combiner, plus assorted consumer video distribution amplifiers and a Focus Enhancements TView Gold VGA-NTSC scan converter.

LAMP's array of StreetFire RBX1600 music servers and Sony CDP-CX455 400-CD jukeboxes.

Sean Dougherty for USA Today

LAMP creators Keith Winstein (left) and Josh Mandel of the MIT Student Information Processing Board pose with LAMP's television and Web faces. For reprint permission, contact photographer Sean Dougherty.

Another picture of the creators:

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