MIT Statement: LAMP Closes Temporarily (October 31, 2003)

MIT's Library Access to Music service lets students listen to music over MIT's analog cable television system. LAMP was designed to operate in full compliance with the law and to respect the rights of all copyright holders.

MIT has at all times sought to implement a legal music service for its students. We relied on Loudeye to provide us with authorized content and for Loudeye to facilitate and obtain the appropriate licenses. We have been working with Loudeye on obtaining content since October 2002 and Loudeye assured us on multiple occasions that the content they provided to us was prepared fully under authorization from the record labels and on behalf of the publishers.

MIT took on the responsibility of having the proper public performing licenses from ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. After the LAMP service was launched, Loudeye informed us that some of their assurances to us may have been mistaken. We are therefore temporarily suspending the LAMP service while we pursue clarifying discussions with Loudeye, the record labels, and music publishers. MIT continues to be committed to developing a fully licensed service.