LAMP Acknowledgements

    LAMP could not have been possible without the following individuals. Thank you so much for all your help.

    -- Keith, Josh, Randy, Jon, and Hal

  • Becky Bisbee
  • Kristen Collins
  • Waseem Daher
  • Mark Fischer
  • Ann Hammersla
  • John Hawkinson
  • Luis Loya
  • Mark Matossian
  • David Mitchell
  • Caitlin Murray
  • Caroline Niziolek
  • Austin Roach
  • Mary Ross
  • Stephen Street
  • Jessica Strong
  • Ken Takusagawa
  • Selene Victor
  • Jonathon Weiss
    Thanks also to MIT SIPB, MIT Cable, MIT French House, The Tech, and James North (our first user) and all the other beta testers!